ISO, Measures

The company was founded in 1888 and incorporated in 1923. Presently, we manufacture and sell work tools, fastener tools, electric tools, diamond tools etc. Since its founding, the Lobster logo has earned the trust of our customers. In December 1996, we obtained ISO 9001 certification in order to further that trust.
In order to truly meet the needs of our customers, we changed to the 9001:2000 version in June 2002. After shifting production to our subsidiary Tottori Lobster Tools Co., Ltd, the certification was expanded to cover our subsidiary in December.
We are currently implementing various initiatives to achieve the goal of our policy statement, in that we will thoroughly pursue product safety and quality assurance with customer satisfaction as our No. 1 priority. 

Amid worsening environmental problems such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain, resource and energy shortages and waste disposal; environmental issues have increased as a global concern. Our company will endeavour to shoulder our share of responsibility in tackling environmental issues. Due to the fact that our factory is at the heart of the local community, we think that it is imperative for us to treat this with the utmost priority.

So far, we have implemented various environmental initiatives such as noise and air pollution control, waste sorting and recycling and re-using cardboard as packaging materials. To further carry out environmental measures at an organizational level, a system needed to be introduced and so we obtained ISO 14001 certification in March 1999.
First of all, we aimed our efforts at measures that could be easily achieved, such as reducing and recycling waste and reducing noise pollution. We also proposed and studied ways of reducing our Carbon footprint. While there may be a upper limit in what we can do, to a certain extent we have achieved these targets.

However, in recent years, environmental issues have expanded beyond such areas and major initiatives have been started to eliminate harmful substances that are included in industrial products and production.
In the midst of reviewing our environmental footprint, we have come to realize that the environmental impact that our factory creates lies not only in the waste and noise that we generate but also in the very products that we make.
At present, many of the substances that pollute the environment are found in many industrial products and we have to consider the impact that even our products have on nature, the entire earth and the human body.

From now on, to further strengthen our system, we will raise our aims and targets and develop a PDCA and undertake environmental protection measures together.