Environmental Policies

The Lobtex Co., Ltd. Group conducts its corporate activities according to the environmental principles and policies listed below.

Environmental belief

We live by our slogan - "Environmental protection is a key consideration in all our staff and corporate activities in order not to tarnish the good reputation of the 'obster logo' ". We strive to minimize the impact we have upon the environment and to be at the heart of the community and contribute towards social development.

Environmental policies

(a) We will strive to reduce noise pollution, cut down on waste, conserve energy and recycle our resources.

(b) We will endeavour to continuously improve our management structure so as to prevent pollution to the atmosphere, rivers and earth and protect the environment.

(c) We will adhere to all environmental rules and regulations at the national and regional levels.

(d) We will set and regularly review environmental objectives.

(e) All our staff understand the environmental policies and strive to maintain and carry them out.

These environmental policies will be made public upon external request.

Lobtex Co., Ltd Representative Director and CEO Toshitame Jibiki