Company History

In 1888, the first product that we presented to the world was the hair clipper. As we soon entered the 20th century, we started production of hairdressing clippers at our factory, which was purported to be the largest in Japan. On our 40th anniversary, we started production of the monkey wrench. Before long, we succeeded in producing the country's first fully-closed die forging process and established a firm position in the tool industry. Since then, we have produced work tools one after another, such as energy-saving tools, diamond tools as well as many other electric, hydraulic and piping equipment. The Lobster brand now covers the entire range of tools gaining absolute reliance in the market place.

Constantly running at the forefront of reorganization, we continue to implement new systems and adopt the latest management innovations. The two most important aspects of our products, namely safety and ease of use, as embodied in a tool such as the hair clipper, have sufficiently taken root in our company. The past century had been one that was built on the trust established between a man and his tools. It is this heritage that will be an asset for us to earn that trust for the next century.

1888 Two-handed hair clipper invented and manufacture and sales started.
1923 Established Nippon Riki Co., Ltd . Capital ¥100,000.
1928 Started production of the monkey wrench.
1932 Successfully produced Japan's first monkey wrench using all-drop forging.
1951 Monkey wrench first in Japan to receive JIS approval mark.
1964 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
1965 Yao factory first phase of construction completed.
1967 Embarked on the production of fastening tools.
Capital raised to ¥150 million.
1971 Yao factory completed.
1972 Capital raised to ¥200 million.
1973 Conducted commemoration ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
1974 Aimed to provide welfare benefits such as a new dormitory annex for singles etc.
1975 Capital raised to ¥300 million.
1977 Merged with Lobster Sales Co., Ltd
Capital raised to ¥410 million.
1979 Capital raised to ¥500 million.
1983 Started production and sales of diamond tools.
1985 Introduced divisional organisation to improve and strengthen organizational structure.
1988 Commemoration ceremony held to celebrate 65th anniversary of the company's establishment and 100th year of its foundation.
Established Lobson Co., Ltd in order to strengthen imported goods.
1989 Capital raised to ¥960 million.
1990 Segregated forging division as an independent company, Tottori Lobster Tools Co., Ltd.
1991 Established Lob Ace Co., Ltd as an associated company in a new field on the old Yao factory grounds.
1992 Introduced SCI system and changed company name to Lobtex.
1994 Entered construction equipment and tools industry with tools like bar cutter etc.
1995 Obtained ISO 9002 certification in quality management from International Organization for Standardization in which 100 countries are members.
1996 Obtained ISO 9001.
1998 Strengthened functionality and consolidated Headquarters, Sales, Main Factory and Associated Companies. 
1999 Obtained ISO 14001.
2000 Started call center to create "Customer-First" system.
2001 Lobson Co., Ltd changes name to Lobtex Fastening Systems Co., Ltd in order to strengthen sales for fastening systems.
2002 Established collaboration center to promote cooperation with other industries.
2004 Completed transfer of production to Tottori Lobster Tools Co., Ltd.
General HQ for technology and new business development HQ established with fabless factory. 
2006 Refurbished main factory and logistics center, consolidated sales and management functions in the main factory to improve management efficiency, and call center operations in the logistics center.
R&D Center established.
2008 120th anniversary
2012 The R1A1 Air Riveter receives the Good Design Award.
2014 The R1B2 Air Riveter receives the iF Product Design 2014 Award.
The R1B1 and R1B2 Air Riveters receive the Red Dot Design 2014 Award.
2015 The TC127 Tube Cutter receives the Good Design Award.
2018 The company celebrates 130 years of operation.
The company celebrates 90 years of producing Monkey Wrenches.
2019 Awarded two prizes at the JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2019: the X W-ZERO hybrid adjustable
angle wrench won the Japan DIY HC Association Chairman Prize, and the Hybrid Anguirus won the
Best Hit Prize.
2021 ISO9001/14001 certificate is confined to LOBTEX FASTENING SYSTEM CO., LTD.