Multi type Mini Crimping tool AK-M1

Multi type Mini Crimping tool AK-M1

2 in 1 crimping tool for Non-insulated terminals/sleeves and for Closed end insulated connectors!

・Compared with conventional model, about 20% less in load at the handle portion when tested by CE5
・Excellent layout of jaws to avoid misuse (For Non-insulated terminals/sleeves on once side, and for Closed end on another side)
・Integrated ratchet mechanism
・Elastomer grips fit in your hand
・Can temporarily hold terminals by single hand



Multi type Mini Crimping tool AK-M1

Model No. (Product) weight size1 size2 Use range Retail/User prices Remark
AKM1 325g 214mm 66mm ①CE1・CE2・CE5 ②1.25・2(㎜2) open price ①Closed end insulated connectors, ②Non-insulated terminals/sleeves


・Do not crimp or work nearby live wires.
・Use this tool properly with compatible cable connectors (Terminals/Sleeves) and cables
・To prevent crimping failure and to ensure crimping performance, the tool should be periodicaly (once or twice a year) inspected by Lobtex
・Lubricate moving parts of tool once or twice a month. Otherwise, may cause crimping failure due to friction
・The holes of grip have no adequate strength. Do not use it as anti-dropping purpose.


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