Nut rivet setter (attachment) @N17d

Nut rivet setter (attachment) @N17d

Quickly changes drill drivers into a rivet nut setter.
Lobster rivet nuts of up to M6 size can be easily and securely tightened.

・Lobster M4 to M6 rivet nuts made of all materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.) can be easily and securely tightened without any stroke adjustment.
・The rivet nut setter attaches to commercially available, rechargeable drill drivers (with torque control function).
・The handy type rivet nut setter enables tightening of Lobster rivet nuts by using the torque control function of the drill driver and reverse/normal rotating operations only.


・Torque adjusting range: 6.0 N×m or higher torque.
・For steel and stainless steel rivet nuts of M6 size.
・For other sizes, use of drill driver that provides 4.4 N×m or higher torque is recommended.

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Nut rivet setter (attachment) @N17d

Model No. (Product) weight size1 size2 size3 size4 size5 size6 Use range Retail/User prices
N17d 440g 174mm φ55mm 40mm φ26mm φ13mm 8mm M4、M5、M6 open price


・Before using this product, carefully read and familiarize yourself with the contents of the instruction manual and precautions.
・Before starting work, make sure that the rivet nut can be properly tightened at the clutch activating torque of the drill driver being used.
・This product is designed specifically for use with drill drivers. Do not use this product with impact or pneumatic screwdrivers.
・Otherwise, completion of tightening cannot be detected, which may result in damage to the Lobster rivet nut.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.