Blind rivet (domed head)/NS-MP ECO package Steel body / Steel mandrel

Blind rivet (domed head)/NS-MP ECO package Steel body / Steel mandrel

[ECOLOGY] Packed in reusable resin case.
[ECONOMY] Affordable small-quantity package

・Packed in durable resin case, suitable for storage.
・Wider lineup of materials and sizes.
・Material identification by label color.   
・Easy to purchase because of material-based pricing.


・Empty case is reusable for other purposes
 (parts case, accessory case, etc).
・You can purchase as many necessary items as required.

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Blind rivet (domed head)/NS-MP ECO package Steel body / Steel mandrel

Model No. Q'ty/ carton Applicable material thickness Retail/User prices Remark
NS32MP 65 1.0~3.2mm open price φBase hole:2.5~2.6mm、Nosepiece:2.4mm
NS34MP 65 3.2~6.4mm open price φBase hole:2.5~2.6mm、Nosepiece:2.4mm
NS41MP 65 1.0~1.6mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS42MP 65 1.0~3.2mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS43MP 65 1.6~4.8mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS44MP 60 3.2~6.4mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS45MP 55 4.8~8.0mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS46MP 50 6.4~9.5mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS48MP 45 9.5~12.7mm open price φBase hole:3.3~3.4mm、Nosepiece:3.2mm
NS52MP 45 12.7~15.9mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS53MP 45 15.9~19.1mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS54MP 45 1.6~3.2mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS55MP 40 1.6~4.8mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS56MP 40 3.2~6.4mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS58MP 35 4.8~8.0mm open price φBase hole:4.1~4.2mm、Nosepiece:4.0mm
NS62MP 35 6.4~9.5mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS63MP 35 9.5~12.7mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS64MP 35 12.7~15.9mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS65MP 30 15.9~19.1mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS66MP 30 1.6~3.2mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS68MP 25 1.6~4.8mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS610MP 25 3.2~6.4mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm
NS612MP 20 4.8~8.0mm open price φBase hole:4.9~5.0mm、Nosepiece:4.8mm


・Comply with given limits for appropriate material thickness and Ф of base hole, and consider carefully safety factor.
・Before starting work, always read the instruction manual for your reveter tool.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.