Tube cutter TC127

Tube cutter  TC127

Achieved Good Design Award for 2015!
Up-graded with Titanium coated blade
Now capable with 5/8" size!

•With the ultra-thin round blade, this cutter enables approx. 50% burr reduction in comparison with our conventional models.
•With the automatic feed mechanism, sharp cut surfaces can be easily obtained by anyone.
•A cover is attached to the cutter blade for safety.
•Blade replacement is easy. No tools are required.


•This “Tube cutter” is intended for cutting copper tubes for general coolant piping only.
•Suitable for piping work for household air conditioners.



Tube cutter  TC127

Model No. (Product) weight size1 Retail/User prices Remark
TC127 300g 130mm open price Only for copper tubes for general coolant piping


◆Precautions in use
•The cutter blade has an extremely sharp edge. Do not touch it with bare hands. Otherwise, it may cut your fingers.
•Do not use this tool without the cover. If the round blade is exposed, it may cause injury during work.
•When handling the round blade during work, and during cutter blade replacement, use thorough caution.
•After cutting a pipe, the cut surface is sharp, and may cause injury. Use caution when handling workpieces.
•Do not use this tool for cutting materials other than the applicable pipes.


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