Auto rivet feeder ARF810E

Auto rivet feeder ARF810E

This unit can be installed without air piping, providing considerably high flexibility during work.
Blind rivets can be automatically set up with one hand, resulting in extremely improved productivity and workability.

・Rivets can be easily and automatically fed.
・This unit enables stable rivet feeding at a rate of one or more rivets every three seconds.
・ This unit works with electricity only, making contribution to energy-saving.


※Precaution about applicable rivet range: There is limitation in length.

The Φ3.2 mm type (Type 3) can be used for rivets of up to “4-6” size. The Φ4.0 mm type (Type 4) can be used for rivets of up to “5-6” size.

■Enabling size changes
Size change is enabled by replacing the separator unit, rivet rail unit and frame head holder (optional equipment). For details, refer to the instruction manual.

★Download Manual

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Auto rivet feeder ARF810E

Model No. size1 size2 size3 Retail/User prices
ARF810E 420mm 350mm 240mm open price


・Wear an eye protector during work
・Be sure to read the instruction manual and important usage advisery carefully and make sure that you understand them thoroughly before using this machine.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.