Business slogan

 Lobtex 100 Years in the Business New Management Vision

 Monodzukuri solutions for professionals. Monodzukuri fun for everyone.

 Business slogan

 We serve the full gamut of Monodzukuri needs with the tools we make, while, in the process, contributing to society by spreading the joy of “doing it yourself”.


 For professionals (Work)

 Supporting professional worksites with high quality tools.

 ■Provide tools of the quality and added-value that professionals demand
  at affordable prices.
 ■Propose useful solutions for professional worksites.
 ■Proactively work with new materials and construction methods in order
  to develop and supply the tools professionals demand.

 For consumers (Hobbies/DIY)

 Fostering a Monodzukuri culture in everyday life by spreading the joy of“doing it yourself”.

 ■Collect information on the tools and related products that general
  consumers use.  
 ■Show at DIY events, etc. and provide opportunities for children and families
  to experience the joy of “doing it yourself”.  
 ■Conduct activities to popularize Monodzukuri, encourage more people to
  “do it yourself” and foster a Monodzukuri culture in everyday life.

 For employees/stakeholders

 An “interesting company” and a “proud place to work””.

 ■Proud to have supported professional worksites for 100 years.  
 ■Motivated to further contribute to Monodzukuri.  
 ■Driven to improve corporate performance and contribute to stakeholders.