Regarding display of the RoHS2 mark for products in the homepage catalog

The LOBSTER-brand products
shown in online catalogs comply with the RoHS2 Directive (10 control substances).


* Compliance with the RoHS2 Directive is based on legal restrictions as of September 2020.
* The products currently being made are RoHS compliant, but there is a possibility
 that products made in that past that are not RoHS compliant are still available on the market.   
 If you would like the RoHS compliant version of a given product, please contact us.

The Amended RoHS Directive (RoHS2) is an EU Directive that restricts use of ten specific
hazardous substances in almost all electric/electronic devices that are sold in EU countries.

The RoHS Directive was enforced in July 2006 and amended as 2011/65/EU on July 1, 2011.
More recently,
four phthalate esters have been added to the substances currently subject to restrictions (2015/863/EU).

    ● RoHS Directive Standard
    (Hazardous substances of the following ten categories are subject to restrictions.)

    * Materials/Applications that are technically difficult to replace are defined as exemptions
     in the Directive (RoHS Annex III and IV) and may still be used.