Regarding display of the RoHS mark for products in the homepage catalog

September 1st, 2006
Lobtex Co., Ltd.

RoHS refers to six varieties of harmful substances that are prohibited from use by the EU in electronics manufacturing.
The RoHS guidelines apply only in the EU, but as of July, 2006 products that fail to meet RoHS guidelines may not be sold within Europe.

For the ease and speed of our customers’ product selection process, on our homepage catalog products that comply with the RoHS guidelines (blind rivets, ebi nuts, knurled nuts) carry a mark to specify them as RoHS-compliant.
We sincerely hope that our customers are able to use our products with continued security. 

1. RoHS-compliant products

2. The products currently being made are RoHS compliant, but there is a possibility that products made in that past that are not RoHS compliant are still available on the market.
If you would like the RoHS compliant version of a given product, please contact us.

* The current mark is only .