Information on products subject to discontinuation 

Thank you for using LOBSTER brand tools.
We herein provide the latest information on products subject to discontinuation.
The following updated product list shows products discontinued between February 2009 and now.
We will stop selling the listed products once stocks run out.
We deeply apologize for any trouble that may result from the discontinuation of any items listed in the catalog.

We will keep “performance maintenance parts for repair”* in stock for 5 years after discontinuing production of the listed products. After those 5 years, we will stop supplying those parts and accepting repair orders for the discontinued products once stocks run out.
Also, please note that parts supply may be stopped even within the specified stock period, if it becomes difficult for us to continue production. Depending on the failed part, discontinued products may be repairable even after the specified stock period expires.
For more information, please consult us or a distributor of the relevant product.
We ask for your continuous patronage of LOBSTER brand tools in the future.
 * Performance maintenance parts for repair: Parts required to maintain performance of the product  

Discontinued product list

Product Model No. Discontinued
Successor model
or Similar product
Cutting Pliers
(Grip:Moulded vinyl)   
ZP200 2020.2 Pliers (J-CRAFT series)
Electric Nut Rivet Setter  EN410 2020.1 EN410A
(standard type, powerful type, super-strong type)
BM~, BH~, BP~ 2019.1 BM~A, BH~A, BP~A
Mini crimping tool AK1MA / HAK1MA 2019.1 AK1MA2
(standard type, powerful type, super-strong type)
BM~, BH~, BP~ 2019.1 BM~A, BH~A, BP~A
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank
HB140200, HB125380 2018.10 HB140260,HB125460
Air Riveter AR3000EV 2018.09 R1A2
Attachment Nutter @N10D 2018.09 @N17D
Blind Rivet NSS810, NSS812, NSS814,
NSS810EB, NSS812EB, NSS814EB, NST810,
NST812, NST814,
2018.09 No substitute
Vinyl chloride pipe cutter EC20, EC42 2018.05 No substitute
Spare blade for vinyl
chloride pipe cutter
ECK20, ECK42 2018.05 No substitute
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank
HB32100, HB143200, HB150200, HB215250, HB190380 2018.03 HB32100⇒No substitute
Air Riveter AR011S, AR011M,
AR011H, AR021H,
AR011P, ARV015S,
ARV015M, AR022M,
2016.08 AR011S⇒AR2000S/R1A1
The others⇒No substitute
Air Riveter ARV011M, AR021EX 2016.03 R1A1, R1A2
Air Nut Rivet Setter  AN200A 2016.02 N1A2
Combination Wrench Combination Wrench(SS)
all sizes and set items
2016.02 Combination Wrench(CW)
Offset Wrench(OW)
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank
HB160200 2015.01 HB160260
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank
HB165200, HB105380, HB145380 2014.08 HB165260, HB105460,
Cutting plier type
ZP175NA, ZP200NA 2014.04 -
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank 5pieces/set
HB34100S, HB35100S 2013.12  -
Hammer drill bit
SDS-plus shank
HB34100, HB35100,
HB145200, HB180200
2013.12 -
Cordless Nut Rivet Setter BN200 2013.10 -
Plug (6sizes on the right) EP532, EP638, EP738,
EP750, EP850, EP1032
2013.04 -
Diamond LASER
core bit (Wet process)
alll sizes(SB) 2013.04 -
Diamond dresser alll sizes 2013.03 -
RB-type clamp RB50~100  2013.03 B50V~100V
Crimping tool AK112 2013.02 AK112MA 
Electric Riveter ER300N 2012.11 -
Cordless Riveter BR200M/MC/MP 2012.08 R1B1
VVF wire stripper EEF203 2012.07 VA203A
Diamond file (with Grip) 5sizes(S5G--),set 2012.07 -
Bimetal hole saw BO36G~55G 2012.05 -
Cordless bar cutter EHC16A 2012.03 -
Diamond blade SILENT LASER alll sizes(SLC-) 2012.01 -
Air Riveter ARV041M 2011.12 R1A1/AR2000MV
Para anchor PA2125 2011.11 -
Para anchor PA3190 2011.11 -
Para anchor PA4275 2011.11 -
Para anchor kit PA2125K 2011.11 -
Para anchor set PA2125T 2011.11 -
Cable stripper (Insulation type) CS28Z 2011.11 -
Air Riveter AR041M 2011.08 AR2000M
Air Riveter Angle type AR041A90 2011.08 AR2000A90
Air Riveter Angle type AR041A45 2011.08 AR2000A45
Air Riveter Angle type AR041A00 2011.08 AR2000A00
Attachment Flaring tool @F07I 2011.06 -
Diamond blade (Tile-kun) TWA10510 2011.04 TWX10510
Electric hydraulic puncher EHP1506S 2011.04 -
Electric hydraulic puncher EHP1806S 2011.04 -
Electric hydraulic puncher EHP2010S 2011.04 -
Crimping tool AK123 2011.03 AK112MA
Electric hydraulic bar cutter EH13PC 2011.03 -
Electric hydraulic bar cutter EH16PCA 2011.03 -
Electric hydraulic bar cutter EH19PC 2011.03 -
Electric hydraulic bar cutter EH25PC 2011.03 -
Adjustable angle wrench
(with Color grip)
alll sizes 2011.03 -
Rachet Wrench alll sizes 2011.02 -
Tipped saws STAINCUT FST305LS 2010.09 FX305A/FST305
Crimping tool AK28 2010.08
Cartridge Gun NCG215 2010.08 -
Tool set ST901DX 2010.04 EBI2005/2010A/2010B
Crimping tool AK17MA 2010.04 AK17MA2
Torgue Wrench
(Adjustable angle wrench type)
alll sizes(TM-) 2009.12 -
Diamond blade
(for Asphalt) A
alll sizes(A-) 2009.12 AX, AC series
Diamond blade
(for Concrete ) C
alll sizes(C-) 2009.12 CX, AC series
Tipped saws
FX180D 2009.11 FX180A
Tipped saws
FX305T 2009.11 FX305A
Tipped saws
RX180S 2009.11 FX180A
Cordless bar cutter EHC13PC 2009.08 -
Cordless bar cutter EHC16PC 2009.08 -
Bar cutter for rescue RQC16 2009.08 -
Cordless Puncher EHCP1506S 2009.08 -
Battery Charger EHCC12 2009.08 -
Battery Pack EHCP12 2009.08 -
Tipped saws
FX305SS 2009.04 FX305A
Tipped saws
FX355SS 2009.04 FX355A