Zet flashar for spiral duct FX-SP

Zet flashar for spiral duct FX-SP

With 32 tips, spiral duct can be quickly and sharply cut.


・For cutting spiral duct, stud bolt, angle for electric equipment material (with hole), raceway, C-channel angle, etc.

●For target materials, see here.
--->Target material table (Tipped saw)


Zet flashar for spiral duct FX-SP

Model No. (Product) weight size1 size2 size3 Maximum speed Number of cutting tooth Retail/User prices
FX110SP 140g 110mm 1.8mm 20.0mm 13000(min-1(rpm)) 32 open price


・Before using this product, be sure to read through the instruction manual included with the product and the operation manual provided by the electric tool manufacturer, to understand the contents thoroughly.
・Properly attach the protective cover specified by the electric tool manufacturer.
・The tipped saw generates sparks during use. Do not use the tipped saw in a place where ignition or explosion may occur.
・During work, be sure to wear protective gear (dust-proof goggles, safety shoes, protective cap, dust-proof mask and ear plugs).
・Use a circular saw whose rotational speed is lower than the maximum operating rotational speed specified in the instruction manual.
・It is hazardous to use this tool with disc sanders or disc grinders. Do not use this tool in such a way.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.