LOBSTER hammer drill bit SDS-plus shank (long) HB-250(260)(380)(460)(1000)(1500)

LOBSTER hammer drill bit SDS-plus shank (long) HB-250(260)(380)(460)(1000)(1500)

A “special shape tip” that ensures compatibility between cutting performance and long service life.
(Product numbers marked with * are no longer produced.)

・High-speed cutting is enabled by the two-head cutter and the large-volume groove for cut swarf discharge.
・The chisel-shaped head of the drill bit quickly bites the workpiece, and discharges cut swarf through the spiral groove. (Fig.1)
・The carbide drill bit with a tip angle of 130° makes centering work easy.(Fig.2)


Fig.1 Chisel-shaped head

Fig.2 Tip angle of 130

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LOBSTER hammer drill bit SDS-plus shank (long) HB-250(260)(380)(460)(1000)(1500)

Model No. (Product) weight size1 size2 size3 Retail/User prices
HB240250 480g 24.0mm 250mm 200mm open price
HB250250 500g 25.0mm 250mm 200mm open price
HB260250 580g 26.0mm 250mm 200mm open price
HB120260 110g 12.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB130260 120g 13.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB140260 120g 14.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB143260 120g 14.3mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB145260* 130g 14.5mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB150260 140g 15.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB160260 150g 16.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB165260 160g 16.5mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB170260 160g 17.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB175260 160g 17.5mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB180260 190g 18.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB190260 220g 19.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB200260 220g 20.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB220260 440g 22.0mm 260mm 200mm open price
HB105460 170g 10.5mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB125460 230g 12.5mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB145460 280g 14.5mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB160460 350g 16.0mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB190460* 470g 19.0mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB220460 680g 22.0mm 460mm 400mm open price
HB1251000 900g 12.5mm 1000mm 100mm open price
HB1251500 1200g 12.5mm 1500mm 100mm open price
  • Enlarged view 1

    Enlarged view 1

  • Enlarged view 2

    Enlarged view 2


・Be sure to wear protective goggles.
・Use an electric tool compatible with the SDS-plus hammer bit.
・Be sure to read the instruction manual for the machine to which this tool is attached.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.