Dedicated carbide tipped saw for mower standard type KK

Dedicated carbide tipped saw for mower standard type KK

Lightweight body and smooth cutting performance ensures easy work.
Rigid, multi-plane brazing prevents the tip from coming off.

・Ridges, rice fields, farms
・Dikes, road shoulders
・Flood plains


・For mowing


Dedicated carbide tipped saw for mower standard type KK

Model No. (Product) weight size1 size2 size3 Number of cutting tooth Retail/User prices
KK230 365g 230mm 2mm 25.4mm 36 open price
KK255 450g 255mm 2mm 25.4mm 40 open price


・Before using this product, be sure to read through the instruction manual included with the product and the operation manual provided by the electric tool manufacturer, to understand the contents thoroughly.
・Wear long-sleeved clothes and long pants. Neckties or wide-sleeved shirts may be caught in rotating parts, whereby causing injury.
・During use, do not wear knitted gloves that may get caught in the machine.
・Do not use the tipped saw for materials other than those specified. Target materials are indicated on the case of the tipped saw.
・To prevent overheating, avoid using the tipped saw continuously for long periods of time.
・After applying rust-proof treatment (rust-preventive oil, etc.) to the tipped saw, store it in a place where it is out of the reach of children and free from falling or impacts.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.