LOBSTER mungo quatro plug MQ-B

LOBSTER mungo quatro plug MQ-B

Strongest nylon plug of
the LOBSTER Mungo plug series.


・ For mounting equipment (washstand, illumination, air-conditioning equipment, kitchen equipment,
    saddle bands, ornament, etc.) to concrete and ALC.
・This nylon plug was developed to meet user needs for work rationalization by using a stronger nylon plug.
・With the 4-division structure, the area of adhesion to a boring surface is increased. Pull-out strength is
    considerably higher than that of conventional LOBSTER/Mungo nylon plugs.

[1] 4-division structure: The plug evenly fits in a prepared hole of a base material.
[2] Prevention of idle rotation: Projections at two points on the periphery grip the prepared hole securely,
       preventing idle rotation of the plug after insertion.
[3] Prevention of cave-in: The flange on the edge prevents a prepared hole from caving in
       when the plug is inserted.
[4] Prevention of early expansion: The internal special profile prevents and suppresses early expansion of
       the plug in a prepared hole during gauging work.

★ Data about fastening to prevent hot-water supply systems from falling (MLIT Notice No. 1447)
--->You can view the PDF file by clicking here.
      Applicable product No.: MQ630B and MQ840B

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LOBSTER mungo quatro plug MQ-B

Model No. size1 size2 size3 size4 Q'ty/ carton Applicable screw Pull‐out strength Retail/User prices
MQ525B 25mm 5mm 5mm(4.7) 35mm 220 φ2.6~4.1mm Concrete:4.2 ALC:0.9 open price
MQ630B 30mm 6mm 6mm(5.7) 45mm 150 φ3.5~5.1mm Concrete:5.1 ALC:1.3 open price
MQ840B 40mm 8mm 8mm(7.7) 55mm 70 φ4.5~6.2mm Concrete:10.2 ALC:2.0 open price
MQ1050B 50mm 10mm 10mm(9.7) 65mm 35 φ6.0~8.0mm Concrete:17.3 ALC:2.8 open price
MQ1260B 60mm 12mm 12mm(11.7) 80mm 15 φ8.0~9.5mm Concrete:24.6 ALC:3.9 open price


・To determine the suitability of the product, consider work conditions thoroughly.


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
※ Listed prices do not include VAT. Please ask our distributor in case of purchases.