LOBSTER nail plug value pack NP-T

LOBSTER nail plug value pack NP-T

Value packs for users who anticipate extensive use.

・Arranged like a wave, the M-shaped slot provides stable tensile strength.
・For attaching stairs step lines
・For installation of waterproof sheets and water drip materials


Arranged like a wave, the M-shaped slot guides the screw into the center of the sleeve, 
    which provides even resistance and stable tensile strength.
・When a screw is driven to the end, the part under the neck of the sleeve appropriately buckles,
    whereby absorbing the impact generated between the screw and the base material so that
    the target object can be securely fastened to the base material without any looseness.
・With multiple projections and recesses on the sleeve surface, the plug securely fits in
    the hole of the base material.
・The structure that a part of the sleeve division surface is jointed can prevent the anchor from
    expanding early during insertion into a prepared hole of a base material.
・Because the inner diameter of the sleeve expanding part is small, large expansion force is
    generated when the screw is driven, thus providing high pull-out load.

★ Data about fastening to prevent hot-water supply systems from falling (MLIT Notice No. 1447)
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      Applicable product No.: NP635

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LOBSTER nail plug value pack NP-T

Model No. size1 size2 size3 Q'ty/ carton Pull‐out strength Material, Surface finishing Retail/User prices Remark
NP425T 25mm 4mm 4mm(3.8) 1000 Concrete:0.73 ALC:0.29 Steel open price Base hole:φ4mm
Maximum thickness of target object:5mm
NP525T 25mm 5mm 5mm(4.8) 1000 Concrete:0.98 ALC:0.39 Steel open price Base hole:φ5mm
Maximum thickness of target object:5mm
NP535T 35mm 5mm 5mm(4.8) 800 Concrete:0.98 ALC:0.59 Steel open price Base hole:φ5mm
Maximum thickness of target object:6mm


※ Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possibly are changes of some numerical values.
※ Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notices.
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