Air riveter AR2000-V Series AR2000SV(MV)(HV)

Air riveter AR2000-V Series  AR2000SV(MV)(HV)

Vacuum system & High productivity!

・Lightweight, with excellent power-to-weight ratio
・Soft-Set shockless technology offers ergonomically correct action to minimize risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders)
・Ultra Jaws for longer life
・Noise-reducing muffler
・Sets up to 1/8"(3.2mm) standard rivets in all materials, and 5/32"(4.0mm) standard rivets in aluminum and steel
・Wear-resistant surfaces extend tool life
・Air whip hose can be connected to either side of tool for flexibility in use
Long stroke
・Integrated vacuum system for mandrel retention and collection
Mandrel collection bottle design allows for easy disposal of spent mandrels
*With optional parts (sold separately), AR-2000HV can set S-bolt.

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Air riveter AR2000-V Series  AR2000SV(MV)(HV)

品番 商品重量 寸法1 寸法2 寸法3 寸法4 寸法5 使用範囲 使用エアー圧(MPa) 使用ジョー 工具引張力(kN) 参考価格 備考
AR2000SV 1.25g 289mm 240mm 94mm 62.0mm φ19mm φ2.4・3.2・4.0mm※ 0.5~0.6 "S" 4.2 オープン価格 ※Cannot be used with φ4.0mm stainless steel blind rivets
AR2000MV 1.35g 307mm 283mm 94mm 64.5mm φ21mm φ2.4・3.2・4.0・4.8mm 0.5~0.6 "M"Ultra 8 オープン価格
AR2000HV 1.8g 343mm 325mm 106mm 84.5mm φ24mm φ4.8・6.4mm※ 0.5~0.6 "H"Ultra 12 オープン価格 ※It can be used with an optional part (option) φ3.2、4.0mm.
  • AR2000SV・・・Vacuum system & Lightweight

    AR2000SV・・・Vacuum system & Lightweight

  • AR2000HV・・・Heavy Duty,Vacuum system & High power

    AR2000HV・・・Heavy Duty,Vacuum system & High power


・Be sure to read the instruction Manual and important Usage Advisery carefully and make sure that you understand them thoroughly before using this tool.
・Be sure to use under condition of construction.
・At the time of the attention and the activity in case of application, wear an eye protector.


※ 寸法・重量などは公称値ですので、多少の数値の上下があります。
※ 改良の為、仕様等を予告なく変更することがあります。
※ 記載の価格は「参考価格」で消費税は含まれておりません。