Coaxial cable stripper DS5

Coaxial cable stripper DS5

Perfect for use in F type connector processing!
No adjustment required. Simple, fast, clean cutting with two blades!

・Cleanly strip the cable by simply pinching and twisting!
・Safe, easy-to-use, no adjustment required
・One pair is compatible with 3C・5C cables
・Adjust to your preferred length! The standard strip scale matches core wire lengths



Coaxial cable stripper DS5

品番 商品重量 寸法1 寸法2 使用範囲 参考価格 備考
DS5 50g 105mm 37mm TV receiving coaxial cable (Terrestrial digital broadcasting/BS/CS) 、3C、4C、5C、S4C-FB、S5C-FB、3C-FV、5C-FV、3C-2V、5C-2V オープン価格 ? Casing cut width: 6 mm
? Spare blades (sold separately) accommodate cut widths of 4 mm


・The standard blade has a casing cut width of 6 mm (spare blades (sold separately) accommodate cut widths of 4 mm)
・Damaged blades may be replaced (spare blades sold separately)
・Depending on the thickness, maker, and type of the coaxial cable, the hardness of the casing and insulation (cleavability) may vary.
・Take note that during use, the number of turns necessary with the stripper may vary depending on the coaxial cable.


※ 寸法・重量などは公称値ですので、多少の数値の上下があります。
※ 改良の為、仕様等を予告なく変更することがあります。
※ 記載の価格は「参考価格」で消費税は含まれておりません。