Cordless riveter R1B1/R1B2

Cordless riveter R1B1/R1B2

Achieved 「iF Product Design award for 2014」
&「Reddot Design award for 2014」

・Advanced Cordless Riveter!
・Compact body in dimensional size!
・High speed riveting, Considerably improved work-efficiency
・Energy-saving, Environment-friendliness
・Counter function is an factory-installed option
*With optional parts (sold separately), R1B2 can set S-bolt.

【Features of products】


Easy-to-grip, well-balanced body, which designed by Mr. Toshiyuki Kita, product designer.☆

・For R1B2, achieved both iF Product Design award for 2014 and Reddot Design award for 2014 !!

●Improvement on performance of Battery pack
・Increased yield per one charge of battery of 4.7 times
 compared with our conventional model.

●Compact body and our own motor layout
・Handling is dramatically improved!

●Excellent weight balance

・It can reduce wrist fatigue of worker after long hours of work.

Package Item 

■BatteryPack Specifications

※ Full charge : 0% → 100% Charge for practical use : 0% → 80%

Charger Specifications

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Cordless riveter R1B1/R1B2

品番 商品重量 寸法1 寸法2 寸法3 寸法4 使用範囲 使用ジョー 参考価格
R1B1 1900g 260mm 260mm φ21mm 90mm φ2.4,3.2,4.0,4.8mm M Ultra オープン価格
R1B2 2000g 260mm 260mm φ23mm 90mm φ4.8,6.4mm ※φ6.4mm stainless steel rivets cannot be used. H Ultra オープン価格



◆Important Safty Instruction
・Be sure to read the instruction Manual and important Usage Advisery carefully and make sure that you understand them thoroughly before using this tool.
・Be sure to use under condition of construction.
・At the time of the attention and the activity in case of application, wear an eye protector.


※ 寸法・重量などは公称値ですので、多少の数値の上下があります。
※ 改良の為、仕様等を予告なく変更することがあります。
※ 記載の価格は「参考価格」で消費税は含まれておりません。