Diamond wheel "BUTTAGIRI" (dry process) WBG

Diamond wheel

Uses a newly developed bond to provide high cutting performance.
The joint wheel base ensures high rigidity and outstanding straightness.

・Tip height is 100 mm, ensuring a long service life.
・The protective tip prevents wear in the wheel base.

・For hard concrete, concrete secondary products, hard porcelain tile, brick
・For cutting stone (granite), block, slate, roof tile, etc.



Diamond wheel

品番 商品重量 寸法1 寸法2 寸法3 寸法4 最高回転数 参考価格 備考
WBG105 140g 105mm 1.8mm 10mm 20mm 14500(min-1(rpm)) オープン価格 Accessory ring hole diameter: φ15 mm
WBG125 210g 125mm 1.8mm 10mm 22mm 12200(min-1(rpm)) オープン価格 Accessory ring hole diameter: φ20 mm


・Before using this product, be sure to read the instruction manual included with the product, instructions indicated on the case and the operation manual for the machine being used, to understand the contents thoroughly.
・Be sure to properly attach the protective cover (wheel guard) specified by the machine manufacturer.
・Never attempt to use the cutting wheel for zigzag cutting, curve cutting, oblique cutting (without using a guide), or prying work. Also, never attempt to use the side face of the wheel.
・Be sure not to touch a rotating wheel with hands or contact it with any part of the body.
・During work, be sure to wear protective gear (dust-proof goggles, safety shoes and protective cap).
・Otherwise, if the wheel is damaged, chips may directly strike the user’s body, causing serious injury.
・During work, be sure to wear protective gear (dust-proof mask and ear plugs).
・Otherwise, inhalation of dust may cause damage to the respiratory organs (throat, lungs, etc.), and the loud sound may cause hearing disorders.


※ 寸法・重量などは公称値ですので、多少の数値の上下があります。
※ 改良の為、仕様等を予告なく変更することがあります。
※ 記載の価格は「参考価格」で消費税は含まれておりません。