Environmental Mark Guidelines

At Lobtex Co., Ltd., we believe that as a tool manufacturing and supply company, it is our responsibility to work to lessen our burden on the global environment. We have already established our own in-company guidelines towards this, and certify products in keeping with the guidelines with our own “Environmental Mark”.

Guideline Table of Contents

(As of June, 2008)

Necessary items
1. Materials are utilized and displayed in order to provide ease of separation and breaking down during disposal.

Optional items- more than one of the below
2. Possessing a 10% longer life than conventional products
3. Consumes 10% less energy than conventional products
4. Of an amount or size 10% less or smaller than conventional products (including packaging)
5. Uses lead-free solder
6. Generating 10% less noise than conventional products, as well as decreases in perceived noise and vibration

“Eco Tools” bearing the LOBSTER Environmental Mark help envision the prosperity of the global environment.